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T_______T i'm very sorry

due to a very bad not-inspiration period of Millie there wasn't a comic since what? wednesday?

and i'm really sorry ^^;; i'm gonna do some gfx now to maybe make you happy...

I'm pretty sure there won't be comics the next time cause there are problems with Millie-chan's internet again (noooooes i'm not telling why)

trust me, this is hard for me too T________T

ask me whatever you want ^^;

again, i'm really sorry about it!
scotsman, mcavoy, lip licking


whua, i'm back ^^ finally, which is totally good!

Russia was awesome, the people are so nice, but i somewhen started missing the german mentality (order, quality, being in time, having rules) XD;;;

oh well, i came back yesterday so Millie and I had SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~
much to talk about we didn't find the time to do the next strip!

I apologize with full heart ._______.
scotsman, mcavoy, lip licking

....last strip before i leave :3

so fellas ^^; i'll be off to russia tomorrow for seven days. I'll write scripts for those 7 days, BUT!! they'll be manly flashbacks, cause it's easier to make up those
Millie has now to work totalleh alone, so stand behind her and write a lot comments and be the nicest ever, ne?

here's the flashback of today :3

flashback numero 4 :DCollapse )

i love you all ^^; and i'll miss you when i'm goooooone (and i'll die without millie T____T)