sirimono (sirimono) wrote in sexboozeangst,

...tell me where is gandalf for i much desire to speak with him strip today :D

we got 12 members now, i love you all :3 but i'd love if you do some advertise for us if you feel like :D
banners, like its_psyence did (i gotta show you soon) are really appreciated ^^

if you have ideas, feel free to tell us :D


i hope you all watched LOST XD;

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Aww, hide being lost... He'd freak out having no gel or hairspray wth which to fluffify his hair.

In other news... I think Lost is the product of Anime fanfic-writing otaku that are also closet Star Wars fans having consumed more than the reccomended daily dosage of pixie stix.

i don't really like LOST but there's always this advertise "LOST on pro7" spoken by the actors XDDD;; so i was inspired...

and i secretly think Yoshiki was that bear...
w00t :D

XD funny!

..but I don't know if this is some kind of a joke from the show *has never watched Lost*